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TriMag Folding Wireless Charger

TriMag Folding Wireless Charger

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"Introducing the **TriMag™ 3-in-1 Magnetic Folding Wireless Charger** - Revolutionize your charging experience with unparalleled efficiency and style. Designed exclusively for Apple aficionados, this innovative charger seamlessly powers up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously.

Featuring lightning-fast 15W wireless charging capability, the TriMag™ charger accelerates your charging process by up to 50%, leaving standard 5W chargers in the dust. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, its built-in magnets guarantee a secure connection for each device, ensuring uninterrupted charging every time.

Compact yet powerful, the TriMag™ boasts a foldable design, making it your perfect companion for on-the-go charging needs. Bid farewell to the hassle of tangled cords and the inconvenience of charging each device separately. With the TriMag™ 3-in-1 Magnetic Folding Wireless Charger, streamline your charging routine and embrace a life of effortless convenience. Say hello to a new era of charging excellence."


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